What is Place Profits?

Place Profits is a highly selective advisory service that supplies about 20 selections a week.

These are selections to be bet in the Betfair Place Market to Place BSP.

The selections are generated and sent out by email before 8am every day.

Sometimes good things come in small doses…

Lots of them.

By concentrating on the place betting market, PlaceProfits.com achieves an 80% strike rate and consistent profits of three times your bank every year.

Because of the incredibly high strike rate, you only need a 20 point bank (although, historically over the last two years (2018 – 2019)), you could have gotten away with a 10 point bank.)

If you start with a £1,000 bank at the start of the year and you take out your profits at the end of every month, you will still have your original £1,000 bank at the end of the year but will have been able to take out over £3,000 during the year to spend on the important things in life – in my case, living in France, that’s quite a lot of Red Wine and Smelly Cheese!

The graph below shows how your bank would have grown (assuming level stakes and no take outs) over a 2 year period (2018 to 2019)

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Monthly Payments

  • Monthly payment
  • Receive your selections by email every day at 8am or before


Quarterly Payments

  • Quarterly payment
  • Receive your selections by email every day at 8am or before



If you have any questions about the services of PlaceProfits.com, please don’t hesitate to contact me at contact@PlaceProfits.com