Good Morning

As I promised yesterday…

I would like to offer an explanation of the new method of producing the Place Profits selections.

And a link to the supporting spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet may be found here…

All going well, the selections will be automatically generated, displayed in the site and emailed to you every morning at about 8am.

I will continue to manually produce the selections for the existing strategy and email them out to you every morning but…

I shall only proof selections from the new strategy.

How does it work?

The new strategy is based upon those horses that are top rated on both Focus Ratings (R4) and Advance Ratings.

Both of these ratings are produced in completely different ways.

So, if a horse is top rated by two different ratings, it is probably going to win or get placed.

In fact…

For those horses that are top rated by both ratings, if you blindly backed every single one of them, you would make a profit; not much of one but, a profit after all.

There are currently two strategies.

Sys 1

The first strategy is based upon those sweet spots for place betting as far as number of runners are concerned.

So, this strategy on based on those horses that are top rated by both Focus Ratings and Advance ratings in 5, 8 and 16 runner (handicap) races in certain race types.

The first tab on the spreadsheet shows those selections. The Bank column assumes starting with a £100 bank and betting to £10 level stakes.

The second tab (Sys 1 QRT) shows the qualifying race types.

The third tab shows a chart of the performance for those selections.

Sys 2

The second strategy shows horses that are top rated on both Focus Ratings and Advance Ratings but have a Focus Ratings Confidence of 130% or higher.

As you know, on Focus Ratings, the second rated horse always has a confidence of 100% and the top rated horses has a confidence based on the percentage difference of its Rating when compared to that of the second rated horse.

Thus, the the 2nd rated horse has a rating of 4.0 and the top rated horse has a rating of 5.0, the second rated horse will have a Confidence of 100% (it always does) and the top rated horse will have a confidence of 125% (its rating divided by that of the second rated horse.)

For some reason, a Confidence of 130% (and above) seems to make a big difference to the results of a Focus Ratings top rated horse.

The 4th tab (on the spreadsheet) shows the results for those horses in selected race types.

The 5th tab shows the Qualifying Race Types.

The 6th tab shows a chart of the performance of those selections.


The 7th tab shows the selections from the 2 systems together.

The 8th tab (Total – Chart) shows the performance of those combined selections.

The next tab (Total – Losing Run Analysis) shows day by day and month by month profit and loss analysis.

The results are based upon the theory that you start with a £100 bank, bet to £10 stakes and, at the end of each month, take out any profits so as to reset your bank to £100.

You can see how this works by looking at the last 2 right hand side columns on the tab marked Total – Selections.

As you can see from the Total – Losing Run Analysis tab, although we have a couple of scary points, at no point do we use all of our bank.

This is better explained by looking at the final tab (Bank Analysis.)

Now, the chart might seem a bit scary, remember that we are taking out profits every month and, thus, resetting the bank to £100.

This is best explained by the table on the right of the sheet; there are 4 times over the 5 year period where we can’t take a profit but…

Over a 5 year period, we started with a £100 bank, we finished with a £100 bank and, along the way, we managed to take out £3,778 in profits.

I hope that this explains the new strategy for Place Profits.

My kindest regards

Horse Racing Betting System Results